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At Hamilton Academy we take a collective ownership approach to ensuring that disadvantaged children receive the individualised support that they require in order to attain academically and develop personally and socially. We take the view that the impact of socio-economic disadvantage on children and their learning is not something that can be solved overnight and will require constant reviewing, planning and implementation of strategies over their Primary years. Our aims are for our children to attain highly and to contribute to a society where opportunities are more equal for all children irrespective of their backgrounds and economic circumstances which links into our school values of ASPIRE: Achievement, Self-belief, Perseverance, Integrity, Respect and Equality.

We see the children as individuals and aim to develop a whole school ethos and culture that holds high expectations and developing the child’s sense of belong as central. Some of the issues that have an impact on children’s lives are outside of our control and we will focus on the controllable factors that will impact on a child’s learning potential.

We seek to use evidence to support our approaches and select streamlined, focused strategies. Following EEF guidance we consider the following three areas when developing our strategy; high quality teaching, targeted academic support and wider strategies. We strive for high quality implementation and impact evaluation in order to create continuous improvement.


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