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Admissions Consultation for 2020-21

Hamilton Academy is undertaking a public consultation on its admission arrangements as a requirement under the Admissions Code to consult on its admissions policy at least once every seven years.

There have been three changes to the policy:

1) The addition of the following sentence:

Once a child of multiple birth or a child who has a sibling (naturally born or adopted) born in the same school year has been allocated a place in the electronic random allocation system, the other siblings would also be offered a place. This is a permitted exception to the infant class size legislation.

2) A link to the catchment area map has been added

3) The wording about the Buckinghamshire Co-ordinated admission scheme has been updated in line with online applications being the preferred method of application.

The public consultation will run from Friday 19 October for six weeks, term time,  until Friday 7 December.

The school wishes to receive the views and comments of the school, local community and from anyone else who may be interested.

Please click on the following links:

Admissions Policy 2020-21

Supplementary Form

Comments on this consultation should be submitted either in writing to the Admissions Committee, Hamilton Academy, Priory Avenue, High Wycombe, HP13 6SG or by email to hamilton1@bucksgfl.org.uk

All comments submitted will be considered by the governing body at its next meeting following this date. The result will be published on Hamilton Academy’s website: www.hamiltonacademy.org.uk