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Maths Challenge 


There will be a maths challenge set each month. Children will be able to visit the display board in the hall at Hampden Road in their break and lunchtimes. For Priory Road teachers will be given entry forms to distribute on request. They must read the problem and then record their answer on the entry form provided. Entry forms must be posted into the box mounted in the hall of each site.

 Entry forms will be collected on the last school day of each month. Winners will be announced the following week in the assembly.  All correct entries will receive four house points then three winners from each phase (years 1 and 2, years 3 and 4, years 5 and 6) will be pulled out of the box and will receive a pencil and a certificate.

Winners will be posted in the newsletter hmail.


June Maths Challenge - closing date 26 June

Years 1 and 2 - Feeling Thirsty?

Years 3 and 4 - Feeling Thirsty?

Years 5 and 6 - Not bacon yet
Answer sheet


Results of the May Maths Challenge 


Year 1

Ejaz 1B

Jonathan 1C

Julia 1C

Year 2

Jerica 2B

Ishaq 2B

Mateo 2A

Year 3

Silas 3C

Abdullah 3C

Maryam 3C

Year 4

Aryan 4B

Iman 4C

Zahra 4B

Year 5

Ayeasha 5B

Selina 5B

Iqra 5B

Year 6

David  6C

There were a record of  92 entries this time in the Years 1&2 and 3&4 Maths Challenge with a total of 53 that were correct and put in the hat for a prize.

There were 46 entries in the Years 5 & 6 Maths Challenge and a lot of children solved the first part of the question correctly. However, only 3 children from Year 5 and one child from Year 6 solved both parts correctly. The answer was 16 chocolates in the box and the box will be a cube.

Well done to everyone.

The winners will receive a certificate and maths pencil